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Architecture & Design

We establish a good channel of communication from the first moment to understand the needs of each client, to help us guide them through the decision making process, providing effective and personalized solutions.

We conceptualize the project based on design parameters of customer taste, their needs, and the regulations and conditions that affect the location of the project.

We utilize all of the digital design tools at our disposal, that aid in illustrating the project, from simple elevations, to 3D renderings, to a video conception. Aside from providing the clients for a real “feel” for their project, these tools help us in detecting possible problems and reducing contingencies.

From these tools, we develop full permit ready construction drafts and guide our clients through the procedures with the various institutions that may be required in obtaining the permit.

Diseño Artika
Diseño Artika

Project Management

We formulate a work plan, where we organize and manage the resources of the client, and the tasks of the construction process, helping to ensure the success of the project. 

We offer support and technical direction throughout the project as well as manage both economic and physical resources, which are always under the control of our clients. 

Our goal is to keep the project within the time and cost in which it was planned.


Proyectos Artika



We execute the construction of your ideas and dreams.

Artika is a company affiliated with the Federated College of Engineers and Architects, and as such we are held to a standard of responsibility, in the delivery of each project.

When we are contracted to build the projects which we design, we are the authors of every detail, so we ensure the quality of the work and the satisfaction of our client.

Every successful project is measured by it’s milestones, both economic and according to schedule.

Artika ensures that the two are tied together providing the client with the security in knowing that they are getting exactly what they are paying for.


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